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Review Deadlines:
March 15
June 15
September 15
December 15

Empowering Your Ambitions with Acorn2Oak Program

Grant Amount

Funding Your Ideas

The maximum amount of a grant awarded through the Acorn2Oak program is $1,000.

Focus Areas

Diverse Opportunities for Growth


Business and Entrepreneurial

Are you a budding entrepreneur with a business idea? Our grants can help you kickstart your venture, providing the resources you need to bring your innovative ideas to life.



Our grants are available for projects aimed at starting or enhancing a social enterprise, nonprofit, or community initiative.



If you’re seeking to engage in academic programs, educational competitions, or specialized training, our grants can offer the financial support you need.



For those passionate about extracurricular activities that align with our mission, we provide support for one-time investments, from arts to technology.


Open to All Young Dreamers

Acorn2Oak grants are only eligible for residents of Oakland County ages 8-18.

Please note, the grant is not applicable for covering tuition fees, ongoing expenses, or for purchasing sporting equipment or funding team registration fees.

Why Choose Acorn2Oak

A Platform for All Talents

Acorn2Oak stands out due to its commitment to nurturing a wide array of talents and aspirations. Our grants are not just funds; they are steppingstones to bigger opportunities. With hundreds of potential awards, we offer a unique chance for young individuals to access resources that might otherwise be out of reach, fostering growth, learning, and success.

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