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Welcome to Acorn2Oak

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In the heart of Oakland County, a seed of an idea was planted – an idea that young minds brimming with creativity, ambition, and dreams should have the resources to turn their visions into reality. This idea grew into what is now known as the Acorn2Oak program, a dedicated initiative to empower the youth of our community.

At Acorn2Oak, we believe every young individual holds a universe of potential within them. Whether it’s a concept for a business, a passion for academic excellence, or a desire to engage in enriching extracurricular activities, we are here to provide the support and resources needed to nurture these aspirations.

Our mission is simple yet profound: to offer the stepping stones that transform youthful dreams into tangible successes. Through our grants and support programs, we aim to create a nurturing environment where ideas can flourish, talents can be honed, and futures can be crafted. We are more than just a funding resource; we are a community of believers, supporters, and dream-makers. Join us on this journey of growth and discovery, where every acorn has the potential to become a mighty oak.

Welcome to a world of possibilities. Welcome to Acorn2Oak.
Our Mission
To ignite the potential of Oakland County’s youth by providing accessible and impactful grants that encourage exploration, learning, and growth.
Our Vision
Our vision is a community where every young person has the opportunity and resources to pursue their passions and achieve their goals.
We aim to cultivate a generation of empowered, educated, and engaged individuals who will drive positive change in Oakland County and beyond. We strive to create a lasting impact, not just through individual successes, but by instilling a culture of ambition, innovation, and community spirit among the youth we serve.
We envision a future where the Acorn2Oak program acts as a catalyst for youth empowerment, fostering an environment of endless possibilities.

History of the Acorn2Oak Program

The Inception of an Idea

The seed of the Acorn2Oak program began with the idea that the passion and drive of youth in Oakland County should be recognized and celebrated. The concept of a grant, specifically designed to empower and uplift the young people of the community, was planted.  The vision was to create a platform that would not only provide financial support, but also inspire the youth to pursue their ambitions across various fields, from business and academics to extracurricular activities and charitable endeavors.

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Gaining Momentum

Acorn2Oak, spelled out by County Executive Dave Coulter in his 2023 State of the County Address, recognizes the positive impacts financial and mentor support can have on the future generation of entrepreneurs and community builders. Coulter has said this support is vital for young people who are committed to public service, not just to add a bullet point to their resume or college application, but to lead, innovate and lend a genuine hand to people in need in their communities. With the enthusiastic support of the Oakland County Board of Commissioners, the Acorn2Oak program began to take shape.

Collaboration and Launch

To bring this vision to life, the expertise and leadership of Susan Hollady, the Executive Director of Leadership Oakland, were sought. Hollady, known for her dedication to leadership development and youth empowerment, was instrumental in administering the program. Under her guidance, the Acorn2Oak program was meticulously crafted, ensuring it would effectively meet the needs and aspirations of Oakland County’s youth.

A New Chapter Begins

The Acorn2Oak program is set to award its first round of grants in March of 2024. This marks the beginning of a new chapter in the county’s commitment to nurturing the potential of its younger residents. Each grant signifies more than just financial assistance; it represents faith in the young individuals of Oakland County and a commitment to their growth and success.

Looking Ahead

As we embark on this journey, we are filled with hope and anticipation for the countless success stories that will emerge. The Acorn2Oak program stands as a testament to the power of community, collaboration, and investment in the future. It is more than a program; it is a promise to our youth and a commitment to the thriving future of Oakland County.

Steering Committee

The Acorn2Oak Steering Committee will provide oversight for the program. The committee is comprised of two individuals from Oakland County, two Oakland County Commissioners and two individuals from the Leadership Oakland Board of Directors.

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